Retired cop denies sexually harassing former colleague

Sam Pazzano Courts Bureau, Toronto Sun

Publishing date: May 7, 2018


Retired Toronto Police sergeant Angelo Costa told a human rights tribunal he never tried to French-kiss a fellow cop or boasted about his prowess in oral sex.

Const. Heather McWilliam levelled these allegations against Costa, asserting he offered to take her on a picnic spiced up with wine and oral sex when both officers worked at 23 Division in 2012.

McWilliam launched her human rights complaint in 2014, alleging sexual harassment against the Toronto Police Services Board and Costa, who started testifying before the tribunal Monday afternoon.

He denied allegations from McWilliams, who has testified that he hugged her, grabbed her by the shoulders, put his lips to hers and tried to drive his tongue into her mouth.

“No, I didn’t do that. I hugged her by the shoulder briefly,” said Costa of the alleged incident in the fall of 2012. Costa. “I hugged everyone before I left on my motorcycle (from Schuey’s Bar)

“It an innocuous hug. She didn’t do anything,” recalled Costa, who retired in 2015 after a 30-year career, mostly as a traffic cop, without facing any disciplinary charges or harassment complaints.

He insisted he never offered McWilliam a wine-fuelled picnic which was to include oral sex. But he admitted he once joked about the death of romance to a group of officers at the end of their shift as they spoke on cellphones to their spouses and lovers.

“Whatever happened to the romance? No one goes on picnics any more,’” Costa recalled saying.

“This was blown out of proportion,” insisted Costa.

The retired cop said he never made sexual overtures to McWilliam or bragged about his sex skills.

McWilliam, now 35, has been on medical leave for PTSD since 2014.