Founder, Brave Inspires Brave.



Heather McWilliam is a strong advocate for social justice, mental health, and human rights. After winning a landmark human rights case against the police, while being an officer herself, Heather witnessed her BRAVE become the butterfly effect for countless others to step into their brave...

Today, her inspiring story is being shared globally as she unites others on a mission for change. 

Once suffering in silence, she found the courage to share her remarkable story; serving as an inspiration to help others overcome their giants and not only survive, but thrive. 

Growing up on dairy farm and the daughter of a police officer , Heather’s humble beginnings taught her the real value of truth and integrity.  After a long battle to endure police harassment and abuse she felt her soul was dying.

"My silence only perpetuated my struggle and I now consider my voice my superpower."

“Not living my own personal truth was killing me and finally I said enough, but I wasn’t prepared for the battle I would face ahead. Every day I put on my emotional armor, not my police uniform, but an imaginary shield of protection. I dreamt of the day when justice would prevail and I could let down my armor,  but with so much weighing on me my mental health began to wain.“


“My battle became more than just with the system, it became an internal battle to survive. I decided from that day forward not only to save myself, but to stand up for all those not protected.”

“Today, I stand united with educators, professionals, psychologists, doctors and global leaders on a mission to advocate and create positive change not only within police systems but in the spheres of Mental Health, Education & human rights.”

Heather McWilliam